Back in the MAD city

Madrid cover.jpg

It’s been pouring down for days, which is quite rare here in Madrid. As I’m writing this, I’m looking out on Plaza España swimming with water, but from a safe distance behind the window panel of one of my regular writing cafés. Easter has been surprisingly wet around here but the forecast makes promises of sunnier days just around the corner. Despite the recent rain, I’m very excited to be back in Madrid, which will be my base indefinitely. And I’ve got new exciting travel writing projects on my notepad where this city plays the leading role… but more about that next time.

I’m still writing for big Danish media outlets where I’ve had a couple of articles published in the beginning of this year (see below). I’m also still a regular contributor to the Scandinavia-focused online guide Routes North, where I can get to share my local knowledge on Denmark. You’ll find my list of articles for them HERE.

Bernina - forsideBernina 1 Bernina 2

Lugo 1Lugo 2

Besides this, I’ve been doing some content writing recently that took me way outside my comfort zone, but that’s where we learn the most right? I’m definitely up for a lot more content writing, so be sure to get in touch if you (or someone you know) is looking for a Danish content writer!

We might still be in the middle of spring, but summer will be here soon. Right now it’s a high season for travel inspiration – so again, let me know if you’re in need of European travel content in Danish or English. My next press trip is planned and will take me even further south in Europe to Tenerife, for an itinerary where I’ll have to pack my hiking boots! It will be a great challenge!

Besides this, I’ve also got plans to visit Lisbon soon and I’m currently working on exciting angles on this popular city.

Believe it or not, drops of rain have started making it through the window frames of this café, so I better close my laptop and move on.

Enjoy your spring!



A nomadic lifestyle gives me different perspectives

A few months have flown by since my latest update in here. Winter arrived and Christmas came and went, and once again I ended up splitting my time between Denmark, the UK and Spain. Some of it was planned – some of it was completely spontaneous. By now, I have lost count of how many times I’ve been travelling without a return ticket, and I’ve gotten used to some kind of nomadic lifestyle over the past few years.

Although I hope to find a more permanent base very soon, staying in different countries for extended periods gives me refreshingly different perspectives on many things – whether it’s following the latest brilliant moves by the mayor of Madrid, or listening to a bunch of Brits discuss the Brexit-complications around the dinner table. Besides that, it gives me valuable insider tips when it comes to travel writing.

I ended up spending a lovely Christmas and New Years Eve in Madrid, and prior to that, I travelled in the UK for a month and a half – a journey that began by attending the huge World Travel Market (WTM) event in London back in November. An excellent place to soak up inspiration for future travels and articles and for getting new contacts in the tourism industry.

While in London, I also took the chance to update my photo archive and to write a few new articles for the Independent Hostel Guide’s blog. It was articles based on my stays at some of their connected pub hostels around the city.

Battersea Power Station - ready
A by-night shot of Battersea Power Station in London

After London, I made it back to a couple of my favourite UK cities Bristol and Cardiff, before staying with great friends at the West Coast of Wales for an extended period. There is something special yet melancholic about staying in a remote destination way out of the tourism season. Something I wrote a short update about on my own blog.

My most recent press trips were back in September and October, as I had the pleasure of trying some E-mountain biking in the Swiss Alps and some national park exploration in Latvia. Both were very inspiring trips and I have some exciting material from these destinations if your media should be interested in articles with any of those themes. You’re always welcome to contact me with enquiries.

The past few weeks I’ve been back in Denmark while working on a few different online projects, as well as writing articles for the Scandinavia-focused blog Routes North.

My most recent newspaper article to be published was from the small but culturally rich country of Luxembourg (see below). I’m always very motivated to discover and promote destinations that seem to go under the mass-tourism radar, and Luxembourg is a great example of this. The article was published with the travel section from Jysk Fynske Medier in Denmark and more of my articles are on their way in this outlet.

Luxembourg 1 Luxembourg 2 Luxembourg 3

Now I’m looking forward to the next step – the next trip – whatever it may be. I’m working hard every day to add to this portfolio of travel writing and photography – and I’m always looking for new opportunities around the corner!

Greetings from winter-cold Scandinavia!


Travelooney on track for a busy autumn

What a summer it’s been. I’m always a bit melancholic about leaving a season behind, but at the same time I am looking forward to the autumn, as I have new exciting trips and projects lined up already. I’m currently in Denmark, where the weather seems to have turned from sizzling summer to more familiar shades of grey – but soon I’ll be back in my second hometown, Madrid.

Rainy weather is good for staying inside the office though, and to take a quick look back on the last couple of months, that took me to the Azores and new parts of the diverse Iberian Peninsula – better known as Spain.

The Azores trip was a unique opportunity to explore an exotic corner of Europe, and I was keen on introducing these islands to Danes who haven’t been there yet. At the same time it was an interesting challenge for me work wise, to try to cover several islands in one article, because they were just like a volcano erupting with inspiration.

When it comes to travel writing I never feel it’s a struggle to fill a page – it’s always a task of cutting and shaping, to keep the piece smooth and within the limited number of words you’re allowed to use. Even for a cover-story like this one, which was published in Berlingske Rejseliv on the 1st of September:

September update 2
The first couple of pages of my Azores article in Rejseliv from Berlingske

Before that, I had a couple of other articles published in the same section back in August. A 24-hour guide to Madrid, and an article about the seaside-city of Brighton in Southern England. An article that got double exposure, as it was previously published with BT Rejser.

September update 3
An overview of my latest Madrid article in Rejseliv

I also had an article published back in July with Jysk Fynske Medier’s Rejser, which was the result of press trip to Spain back in in June. As a travel writer your work can sometimes turn to print in a couple of weeks – other times it can take a year or more.

September update 4
My article from Costa Brava (Catalonia) was published in July in ‘Rejser’

I love working with the newspapers, but I have been looking for other projects to add on too – and lately my work has paid off. I recently became a regular contributor to a Scandinavia-focused blog and guide, Routes North, And just this week I have joined a team of writers for a hotel-themed project that I will talk more about next time.

The tasks at hand doesn’t mean my schedule is fully booked, and I am always working on planning new trips to secure new exciting material coming in. So don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re in need of a travel writer – or if you think your destination is worth an article.

My next work trip will take me back to the Swiss Alps, and it looks like I will get my first taste of the Baltic countries too. So stay tuned…

Greetings from Scandinavia!


From Ærø to the Azores

Spring flew by with remarkable speed, and the summer is officially here. It’s travel time for many people – and work time for others. It’s a privilege when those can be combined.

Since my last update I’ve been on a couple of exciting work trips – both in Denmark and in Spain. And the latter will be the country I spend most of my summer in this year, with a base in my partner’s home city Madrid. A city I have called home too – and still do from time to time.

A base in central Spain will give me great opportunities to explore not only the rest of Spain, but also its neighbouring countries. And I hope to come away with lots of new material and articles from this summer. For now, my next work trip will go to the Portugese islands of the Azores – far out in the Atlantic Ocean. My most exotic trip so far.

It’s just been a couple of weeks since I had another island adventure – here in Denmark, to the beautiful island of Ærø. And while you might think that travelling a lot for work and visiting amazing places could make you “numb” and unable to enjoy less glamorous destinations – I don’t have that feeling at all. In fact, I’m excited for any trip where I might find good stories and interesting people to write about – whether it’s just around the corner or on an exotic island far away. Because as a travel writer you start seeing places and destinations as work projects and stories to tell, and not only as a holiday adventure.

And work it is. Because while you get to visit amazing places and feel extremely fortunate to do so – the travel part is usually not even 1/3 of the job. The planning that goes ahead, and the research and the writing that comes after, is so much more. So if you don’t truly love writing, it just won’t work out. Plus the press trips themselves are not holidays at all. They often have intense schedules and long days of constant focus – on impressions, facts and photos. But one of the great rewards for me is getting to meet some very interesting people with very admirable stories – whether it’s locals or writing colleagues.

Right now I’m happy to have a bunch of articles lined up, both for newspapers and blogs. But at the same time I’m always open to new projects and new collaborations – so be sure to contact me if you have something I could be helpful with.

The last article of mine that was published in print, was about the seaside city of Brighton, England – featured in the Danish newspaper travel section BT Rejser.

Brighton artikel i BT Rejser

And more articles are lined up for being published sometime soon…

On the online side of things, I’m excited to announced that I have teamed up with the excellent Scandinavia focused blog RoutesNorth.com – and that I have already had my first travel guide published with them; ’34 CHEAP AND FREE THINGS TO DO IN ODENSE. I’m always proud to promote my Danish home town of Odense, so go check it out.

And now the countdown to my next work trip is on, so I better start packing…

I wish you an amazing summer!


Looking for new possibilities

It’s a sunny Monday morning here in Denmark, and even though I know that many people don’t like Mondays, I always like to think of it as the start of a potentially new great week – that hopefully brings new opportunities.

And right now that’s exactly what I’m looking for! New opportunities and new possibilities to get my writing out and share my travel inspiration with as many people as possible. Whether on blogs, websites, newsletters, newspapers or magazines. You name it.

I have built up some good relationships with medias in Denmark and abroad over the last few years, but I have more time on my hands. More ideas. More energy to use elsewhere. So don’t hesitate to contact me if you are looking for a passionate travel writer.

Recently I have been contacted with some interesting opportunities by different companies, and I hope these will develop into exciting challenges and great new content sometime soon.

My latest work trip went to Switzerland, where the photo (by Linda Røygaard) above is from, and my love for the alpine country is just growing for each time I visit. My most recent newspaper article published in Denmark was from there too, introducing thousands of Danes to the capital city of Bern:

New exciting destinations are waiting for me around the corner, with Amsterdam and Oslo being a couple of them, and I can’t wait to explore new neighbourhoods and experience the European spring from new angles.

Enjoy your city in bloom!


A good start to 2018

A new year brings new opportunities – just as any day does for that matter. And 2018 has been a good acquaintance for the little moveable Travelooney office so far – just as the rest of 2017 was.

Biggest news is that I have now moved back to Denmark, after a period of living abroad in Spain and in the UK. Now my aim is to get even more work related to writing and travel inspiration, and therefore I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities.

In the past few months I have had some exciting articles published in Danish media. Articles from the Isle of Man, Spain, Switzerland and Wales, that have been published in big newspapers and in a popular womens magazine. Articles that was brought to live on the background of my own ideas and original material. See a few examples here:

In the same period I have also been collecting new material from press trips to Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland – and soon I will be going back to the alpine country, which is starting to become one of my “expertise areas”.

Freelance travel writing is a constant challenge of getting new material, while working with what you already have – but I really love this part of the job. I’m curious to find out what the next few months will bring, and I will keep working hard to make good things happen.

Thanks for stopping by!


Back in West Wales – Next stop Denmark

It’s been windy and grey here in West Wales recently, but perfect weather to stay indoors to get some research and writing done – occasionally combined with a walk along the beautiful coastline where baby seals are dotted around the bays at the moment.

A small coastal village in Wales is a big contrast to the city life I was leading in Bath for a couple of months over the summer, but I love it here and it’s a priviledge to spend time here for the third straight year.

The base in Bath from July to September gave me a unique opportunity to get under the skin of yet another city, as well as opportunities to discover the surrounding region of Somerset. I took daytrips to places like Wells, Glastonbury and Cheddar – and of course to the neighbouring city of Bristol, that I’m starting to know very well. I also made it further afield to exciting destinations like The Isle of Man and Brighton that both resulted in travel articles that are yet to be published.

I recently had a couple of articles published with Jyske Fynske Medier though, from Cheddar and the Spanish region of Galicia.

Travelling west I got the chance to discover the town of Chepstow in Wales, and to revisit my beloved former home of Cardiff  – and as I’m writing this I have a couple of weeks left here in Wales, before I cross the ocean for a quick visit to Dublin, then head back home to Denmark.

My plan is to “set up shop” back home, to have a more permanent base from where to travel and take on press trips. Therefore I am always looking for opportunities for work and projects within the travel/tourism field, and would love to hear from you if you could need a travel writer fuelled on pure passion?

Until next time