Rejseliv (Berlingske Media)

artikel_collage_forsider_berlingskeBerlingske is the oldest still existing newspaper in Denmark. It is national and published daily with a circulation of around 100.000. The weekly travel section Rejseliv (Travel Life) is published with the newspaper on Saturdays.

Since my first article for Rejseliv that was published back in 2012, I have written a stream of articles for this section.

September 1, 2018: A cover story about the Azores (Portugal) (link)

Azorerne - Forside Azorerne - Side 12-13 Azorerne - Side 14 Azorerne - Side 16-17 Azorerne - Side 18-19

August 18, 2018: An article about Brighton in England (link)

Brighton artikel screenshot
Online version pictured

August 11, 2018: A three-page tip-based article about Madrid (link)

24 timer i Madrid - side 1 24 timer i Madrid - side 2 24 timer i Madrid - side 3

December 16, 2017: A feature about ice skating in Interlaken, Switzerland (link)

Interlaken 1 Interlaken 2

(October 28, 2017: A tip-based article about daytrips from Madrid (link)

Spaniens hjerte screenshot
Online version pictured

October 28, 2017: A feature about the Isle of Man (link)

Isle of Man screenshot
Online version pictured

July 22, 2017: Cover story about the West Highland Line in Scotland (link)

WHL - Rejseliv - forside Jernvejen på tryk 1
Jernvejen på tryk 2 Jernvejen på tryk 3

July 15, 2017: An article about coastal cities/towns in Wales (link)


June 24, 2017: A cover story about Picos de Europa in North Spain (link)

Picos artikel foto 1 Picos artikel foto 2

Picos artikel foto 3 Picos artikel foto 4

April 22, 2017: A feature about Belfast in Northern Ireland (link)

Belfast 1-2

Belfast 3-4

April 15, 2017: A feature about the Malasaña neighbourhood in Madrid (link)

Malasaña screenshort.jpg
Online version pictured

April 2, 2017: A three-page feature about the Black Country Living Museum near Birmingham (link)

Black Country artikel foto 1 Black Country artikel foto 2

March 5, 2016: A one-page article presenting 5 fantastic train trips in Switzerland (link)

Togture i Schweiz på tryk forside  Togture i Schweiz på tryk

December 20, 2014: A one-page article presenting 5 tapas markets in Madrid (link)

Tapasartikel på tryk

September 1, 2012: A two-page article with themed trips to Cardiff, Wales (link)