Magasinet Rejser

artikel_collage_forsider_jyskfynskeMagasinet Rejser is a travel section published each weekend by Jysk Fynske Medier. It comes with no less than 13 regional and local newspapers across a the Island of Funen and big parts of Jutland in Denmark, including the big cities of Aarhus and Odense:

Dagbladet Holstebro, Dagbladet Ringkøbing-Skjern, Dagbladet Struer, Fredericia Dagblad, Fyens Stiftstidende, Fyns Amts Avis, Horsens Folkeblad, JydskeVestkysten, Lemvig Folkeblad, Randers Amtsavis, Vejle Amts Folkeblad, Viborg Stifts Folkeblad, Århus Stiftstidende.

Recently I have been a more or less frequent contributor of freelance articles to this section, which has several hundred thousand readers.

April 13, 2019: A two-page article with tips to Lugo in Northern Spain

Lugo 1Lugo 2

February 16, 2019: A four-page cover story about the Bernina Express in Switzerland

Bernina - forsideBernina 1Bernina 2
Bernina 3Bernina 4

February 2, 2019: A three-page article from Luxembourg

Luxembourg 1 Luxembourg 2 Luxembourg 3

September 16, 2018: A three-page guide to Madrid, Spain

Madrid artikel - Rejser 1 Madrid artikel - Rejser 2 Madrid artikel - Rejser 3

July 22, 2018: A three-page article about glamping in Catalonia, Spain

Glamping side 1-2 Glamping 3

March 11, 2018: A three-page article about Bern in Switzerland

Bern small 1 Bern small 2 Bern small 3

February 11, 2018: A four-page feature about the Isle of Man

Isle of Man - Rejser Isle of Man - Rejser - 3 Isle of Man - Rejser - 2

November 26, 2017: A two-page article with tips to daytrips from Madrid, Spain

Med Madrid som base.jpg

October 15, 2017: A two-page feature about Cheddar in England

Cheddar 1 Cheddar 2

September 10, 2017: A two-page article with tips to Ourense in Spain


July 16, 2017: A three-page feature about St. Gallen in Switzerland

St Gallen 1 St Gallen 2

May 21, 2017: A three-page article with tips to Segovia in Spain

Segovia artikel foto 1 Segovia artikel foto 2

April 30, 2017: A three-page feature about the San Isidro festival in Madrid

San Isidro artikel 1 plus 2.pngMadrid 3

March 12, 2017: A five-page cover story about street art in London

London - forsideSide 1-2 samlet

London 3 London 4 London 5

March 12, 2017: A two-page article with tips to Zaragoza in Spain

Zaragoza - samlet artikel

February 26, 2017: A two-page article with tips to Bath in England


February 19, 2017: A two-page article with tips to San Sebastián in Spain


December 26, 2016: A 4-page feature story about travelling by train in Wales

wales-artikel-1-lille wales-artikel-2-lille


November 20, 2016: A two-page Christmas-themed article from Madrid


May 15, 2016: A two-page article from Madrid with train-themed attractions

Togattraktioner hel artikel

March 6, 2016: A two-page article about the St. Bernard dog museum in Switzerland

Barryland 1  Barryland 2

February 14, 2016: A four-page cover story about the Pembrokeshire region, Wales

Wales artikel forside  Pembrokeshire 1-2
Pembrokeshire 3  Pembrokeshire 4

January 24, 2016: A two-page article about Aberdeen in Scotland

Aberdeen begge sider

October 25, 2015: A two-page article on travelling with the Workway concept

Oplev Verden Med Workaway

September 13, 2015: A four-page cover story on travelling through Switzerland by train

Schweiz forside  Schweiz fotofil 1
Schweiz fotofil 2

June 28, 2015: A two-page beer-themed travel article

Artikel foto ølbyer

June 21, 2015: A two-page article from Cuenca in Spain

Artikel foto Cuenca

May 10, 2015: A two-page article with Insider-tips to Madrid

Madrid - hel

May 3, 2015: A two-page event-themed article from Cardiff in Wales

Cardiff artikel hel