Independent Hostel Guide

IHG screenshotIn 2015 I got in contact with the UK based Independent Hostel Guide, and since then I have written a series of articles in English for their blog – made to inspire travellers for their upcoming trips.

These articles are based on each hostel and the surrounding area or the city where it’s located, and I will be looking forward to adding to this list whenever I travel in the UK.

July 23, 2019: Experiencing London from a new perspective (England)

May 22, 2019: Sleep at the former Police Headquarters in The Bristol Wing (England)

February 4, 2019: Full steam ahead to London’s iconic sights (England)

December 13, 2018: A central base in London for business and pleasure (England)

November 23, 2018: Floating accommodation in Bristol Harbour (England)

December 25, 2017: A romantic getaway to Aberystwyth (Wales)

November 14, 2017: Enjoying the Beauty og Bath on a budget (England)

October 13, 2017: Greenman Backpackers: Historic Accommodation in Chepstow (Wales)

April 6, 2017: London Hostels and London Street Art (England)

January 10, 2017: Explore Caernarfon and Snowdonia (Wales)

October 14, 2016: Explore Bristol (England)

September 28, 2016: Birmingham City Break (England)

February 24, 2016: London on a Budget (England)

January 20, 2016: Finding Freedom (Wales)

I am also featured in the printed guide for 2017, with a part of my blog post from Bristol and a selection of my photos…