ALT for damerne (Egmont)


ALT for damerne (“Everything for the ladies”) is a popular Danish womens magazine published weekly. It has been published since 1946, covering topics like lifestyle, food, health, culture, design, fashion, beauty and also travel. For the first half 2016 the readership was 212.000.

I got in contact with the magazine in 2016 and have had several articles published with them since.

February 8, 2018: 4-page article about Wales (link)

Wales artikel - ALT FOR DAMERNE - 4 Wales artikel - ALT FOR DAMERNE - 1
Wales artikel - ALT FOR DAMERNE - 3 Wales artikel - ALT FOR DAMERNE - 2

December 8, 2016: 5-page Christmas guide to Madrid

Madrid juleartikel ALT 1 Madrid juleartikel ALT 3
Madrid juleartikel ALT 2

August 25, 2016: Article from Porto in Portugal (link)

Porto_1 Porto_2

August 18, 2016: Article from Cardiff in Wales (link)

Cardiff_1 Cardiff_2

July 28, 2016: A 5-page article from San Sebastián in Spain (link)

San Sebastian artikel 1 San Sebastian artikel 2
San Sebastian artikel 3 San Sebastian - kolofon

May 28, 2016: A 4-page tapas themed article from Madrid (link)

Tapas i Madrid side 1-2  Tapas i Madrid side 3-4