ProfilI’m a Danish freelance travel journalist based in Madrid in the heart of Spain. I work in my mother-tongue as well as in English.

I built my own career from scratch, and I have been working with freelance writing and photography since 2012. Since then I have had a stream of travel articles published in regional and national newspapers and lifestyle magazines in Denmark. And I have been writing for several international online guides and blogs as well as launching my projects.

By having lived in both Wales, England and Spain besides my home-country of Denmark, I have experienced life in Europe from different perspectives – from a sleepy coastal town to the buzz of downtown Madrid. Living abroad and travelling extensively and has allowed me to explore especially the UK and Spain in deeply.

Travelooney DK profil 2My desk, my notepad and my memory cards are always full of fresh material, high-quality photos and new ideas for articles whether its for newspapers, magazines, blogs, guidebooks or content for websites. And working as a freelancer gives me lots of flexibility to travel for research and press trips on short notice.

I take pride in my writing and in delivering a complete product, and I’m deeply passionate about inspiring people to try something new next time they travel.

Take a look at my references across this site and don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you have any inquiries or any projects in mind that you think I could be helpful with.

Travelooney greetings!

Brian Schæfer Dreyer