My name is Brian and I’m a Danish freelance travel writer,
in my mother tongue as well as in English.

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I believe that writing an article is a journey in itself. A journey from I get an idea to the finished product is published in print or online. A journey where you have to be aware of each step, to ensure you make the most of it along the way.

It took me a lot of travelling to make it to where I am today, being a published travel writer in newspapers and magazines. Not only travelling in the sense of going abroad, but also in the sense of finding out that I wanted to write. A journey through many different jobs which today has given me valuable life experience and many different perspectives when I write.

In 2012 my real journey began, as I started aiming 100% for a career in travel writing. A goal that has since led me to live abroad in Wales, England and Spain, and getting involved with several different media outlets as well as developing my own unique projects.

I take pride in my writing and my products, and I’m deeply passionate about inspiring people to travel and experience something new.

Take a look at my references on this portfolio site and please don’t hesitate to contact me with inquiries about work, whether it’s for travel articles in Danish or English, blog posts, destination texts, official tourism projects or other travel related jobs.

Expertise areas:

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I’m specialized in Europe where I have travelled a lot and in many different ways. Having lived in both Scandinavia, the UK and Southern Europe has given me a broad perspective and extensive insider-knowledge – especially when it comes to Denmark, Wales and Spain. Besides that I’m developing my knowledge about Switzerland as a tourism destination, as I have been visiting many cities and areas of the alpine country within recent years. But I’m passionate about all of Europe and always open to discover and write about new cities, areas and countries – as well as the rest of the world, when the chance comes up.