A memory card full of new inspiration

In a few days, we turn the calendar from September to October and soon the autum colours are upon us, although we currently have temperatures reaching into the late twenties (degrees celcius) here in Madrid. It’s been another eventful summer for me with plenty of trips and tons of new inspiration for upcoming travel articles.

Fresh on my notepad is a hiking trip to Tenerife, culture and street life in Lisbon, further exploration of Galicia and Northern Spain, a road trip in the Spanish region of Almería, a visit to the city of Granada, an introduction to surprisingly cool Düsseldorf in Germany and as always plenty of new tips from Madrid. Anything interesting for your media? Let me know!

Throughout the summer I have been writing regularly for RoutesNorth.com and have had a few blog posts published by IndependentHostels.com

I also recently got my first article published in Denmark’s biggest car magazine Motor, which is a members magazine for the FDM association and reaches more than 400.000 readers. My article covered 6 pages with 20 photos and inspires readers to go on a road trip along the coast of beautiful Galicia:

medium Pages 1

Pages 2 Pages 3

Besides this, my report from the stunning nationalpark of Kemeri in Latvia was recently published by Jysk Fynske Medier:

Sumpvandring 1 Sumpvandring 2

These were both great opportunities for me to inspire the Danes to try something different and far from the classic mass-tourism destinations, which is something I’m very passionate about. Therefore I always have plenty of material from cities, regions and countries that most people have yet to discover.

At the moment I don’t have my next trip planned – so let me know if you have a destination you think I should visit.

Enjoy the shades of autumn!



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