Back in the MAD city

Madrid cover.jpg

It’s been pouring down for days, which is quite rare here in Madrid. As I’m writing this, I’m looking out on Plaza España swimming with water, but from a safe distance behind the window panel of one of my regular writing cafés. Easter has been surprisingly wet around here but the forecast makes promises of sunnier days just around the corner. Despite the recent rain, I’m very excited to be back in Madrid, which will be my base indefinitely. And I’ve got new exciting travel writing projects on my notepad where this city plays the leading role… but more about that next time.

I’m still writing for big Danish media outlets where I’ve had a couple of articles published in the beginning of this year (see below). I’m also still a regular contributor to the Scandinavia-focused online guide Routes North, where I can get to share my local knowledge on Denmark. You’ll find my list of articles for them HERE.

Bernina - forsideBernina 1 Bernina 2

Lugo 1Lugo 2

Besides this, I’ve been doing some content writing recently that took me way outside my comfort zone, but that’s where we learn the most right? I’m definitely up for a lot more content writing, so be sure to get in touch if you (or someone you know) is looking for a Danish content writer!

We might still be in the middle of spring, but summer will be here soon. Right now it’s a high season for travel inspiration – so again, let me know if you’re in need of European travel content in Danish or English. My next press trip is planned and will take me even further south in Europe to Tenerife, for an itinerary where I’ll have to pack my hiking boots! It will be a great challenge!

Besides this, I’ve also got plans to visit Lisbon soon and I’m currently working on exciting angles on this popular city.

Believe it or not, drops of rain have started making it through the window frames of this café, so I better close my laptop and move on.

Enjoy your spring!


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