A nomadic lifestyle gives me different perspectives

A few months have flown by since my latest update in here. Winter arrived and Christmas came and went, and once again I ended up splitting my time between Denmark, the UK and Spain. Some of it was planned – some of it was completely spontaneous. By now, I have lost count of how many times I’ve been travelling without a return ticket, and I’ve gotten used to some kind of nomadic lifestyle over the past few years.

Although I hope to find a more permanent base very soon, staying in different countries for extended periods gives me refreshingly different perspectives on many things – whether it’s following the latest brilliant moves by the mayor of Madrid, or listening to a bunch of Brits discuss the Brexit-complications around the dinner table. Besides that, it gives me valuable insider tips when it comes to travel writing.

I ended up spending a lovely Christmas and New Years Eve in Madrid, and prior to that, I travelled in the UK for a month and a half – a journey that began by attending the huge World Travel Market (WTM) event in London back in November. An excellent place to soak up inspiration for future travels and articles and for getting new contacts in the tourism industry.

While in London, I also took the chance to update my photo archive and to write a few new articles for the Independent Hostel Guide’s blog. It was articles based on my stays at some of their connected pub hostels around the city.

Battersea Power Station - ready
A by-night shot of Battersea Power Station in London

After London, I made it back to a couple of my favourite UK cities Bristol and Cardiff, before staying with great friends at the West Coast of Wales for an extended period. There is something special yet melancholic about staying in a remote destination way out of the tourism season. Something I wrote a short update about on my own blog.

My most recent press trips were back in September and October, as I had the pleasure of trying some E-mountain biking in the Swiss Alps and some national park exploration in Latvia. Both were very inspiring trips and I have some exciting material from these destinations if your media should be interested in articles with any of those themes. You’re always welcome to contact me with enquiries.

The past few weeks I’ve been back in Denmark while working on a few different online projects, as well as writing articles for the Scandinavia-focused blog Routes North.

My most recent newspaper article to be published was from the small but culturally rich country of Luxembourg (see below). I’m always very motivated to discover and promote destinations that seem to go under the mass-tourism radar, and Luxembourg is a great example of this. The article was published with the travel section from Jysk Fynske Medier in Denmark and more of my articles are on their way in this outlet.

Luxembourg 1 Luxembourg 2 Luxembourg 3

Now I’m looking forward to the next step – the next trip – whatever it may be. I’m working hard every day to add to this portfolio of travel writing and photography – and I’m always looking for new opportunities around the corner!

Greetings from winter-cold Scandinavia!


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