From Ærø to the Azores

Spring flew by with remarkable speed, and the summer is officially here. It’s travel time for many people – and work time for others. It’s a privilege when those can be combined.

Since my last update I’ve been on a couple of exciting work trips – both in Denmark and in Spain. And the latter will be the country I spend most of my summer in this year, with a base in my partner’s home city Madrid. A city I have called home too – and still do from time to time.

A base in central Spain will give me great opportunities to explore not only the rest of Spain, but also its neighbouring countries. And I hope to come away with lots of new material and articles from this summer. For now, my next work trip will go to the Portugese islands of the Azores – far out in the Atlantic Ocean. My most exotic trip so far.

It’s just been a couple of weeks since I had another island adventure – here in Denmark, to the beautiful island of Ærø. And while you might think that travelling a lot for work and visiting amazing places could make you “numb” and unable to enjoy less glamorous destinations – I don’t have that feeling at all. In fact, I’m excited for any trip where I might find good stories and interesting people to write about – whether it’s just around the corner or on an exotic island far away. Because as a travel writer you start seeing places and destinations as work projects and stories to tell, and not only as a holiday adventure.

And work it is. Because while you get to visit amazing places and feel extremely fortunate to do so – the travel part is usually not even 1/3 of the job. The planning that goes ahead, and the research and the writing that comes after, is so much more. So if you don’t truly love writing, it just won’t work out. Plus the press trips themselves are not holidays at all. They often have intense schedules and long days of constant focus – on impressions, facts and photos. But one of the great rewards for me is getting to meet some very interesting people with very admirable stories – whether it’s locals or writing colleagues.

Right now I’m happy to have a bunch of articles lined up, both for newspapers and blogs. But at the same time I’m always open to new projects and new collaborations – so be sure to contact me if you have something I could be helpful with.

The last article of mine that was published in print, was about the seaside city of Brighton, England – featured in the Danish newspaper travel section BT Rejser.

Brighton artikel i BT Rejser

And more articles are lined up for being published sometime soon…

On the online side of things, I’m excited to announced that I have teamed up with the excellent Scandinavia focused blog – and that I have already had my first travel guide published with them; ’34 CHEAP AND FREE THINGS TO DO IN ODENSE. I’m always proud to promote my Danish home town of Odense, so go check it out.

And now the countdown to my next work trip is on, so I better start packing…

I wish you an amazing summer!


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