Transition after a busy spring

What a few months it has been since my last update. One of my busiest travel periods ever, which has meant lots of new inspiration and material piling up at the Travelooney office. Material that I’m currently still working with, for features in Danish newspapers – as well as for my own blog.

During the last four months I have been re-visiting London and discovering Belfast in Northern Ireland. I’ve been exploring much more of Spain, especially the northern regions of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. And I have been back in Switzerland to visit Zürich and St. Gallen. I also went on a train journey in Scotland, and I even managed to squeeze in a trip to Stockholm along the way. Phew!

Travelling for work is hard, with busy schedules and often few hours of sleep. But naturally it’s equally exciting, and one of the things I love about travel writing (there are many!), is the frequent transition between gathering new material and getting back to a focused writing process.

Soon I’ll go through another transition, as I will be leaving my beloved Madrid behind indefinitely, to go travelling once again. First stop will be my home country of Denmark in June, after when I will be spending a few months in the UK. First in the south of England and then on the West Coast of Wales. Bases that will make it easier for me to collect new exciting material from around those regions.

Therefore I am always interested in hearing from you if your website/media outlet should be in need of any travel-related material (texts and photos) from any of those places. Or from elsewhere in Europe for that matter.

Thanks for visiting and have a good summer!



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