Gaining expertise

Since I last wrote this blog, I have been back an forth between Denmark, Switzerland and Spain – and tomorrow I will be travelling back to the UK on a work trip. On this trip I will be visiting Belfast and Northern Ireland for the first time, which I really look forward to. And as much as I love exploring new cities and countries, I also find it valuable to gain expertise in certain countries and regions within Europe.

By mainly living in Spain, it is naturally developing into one of those expertise areas for me. And although there are endless of places in Spain I have yet to discover, I am always well stocked when it comes to exciting alternatives to the main touristy areas of this wonderful country.

Back in December I returned to Switzerland, which Is another country I am starting to get familiar with, and I will be looking forward to explore more corners of this diverse country in time to come. I have already been visiting many of its beloved cities and regions, and I work well with the Swiss tourism board on assignments from Danish media.

The United Kingdom is equally diverse and it offers more travel experiences than most people expect, and I am steadily making my way around the regions of both Wales, England and Scotland – and will now be experiencing Northern Ireland too. From living in Cardiff and on the wild west coast of Wales, to touring through England and the east coast of Scotland – I love to inspire people to travel further than “only” London when visiting the UK.

Be sure to contact me if you need insider tips and material from any of my expertise areas – or if you need me to write about other exciting corners of Europe – or the rest of the world for that matter.

And don’t forget to check out my personal travel blog where I post articles from all my trips.

May your 2017 be full of travel adventures!