A change of seasons

After almost two months of travelling in the UK, I returned to Denmark in mid-September with my suitcase full of new material. After a work-trip comes writing – lots of writing, and I have been busy updating travelooneyblog.com as well as writing articles for major Danish media outlets. And more articles are in progress at the moment. As a travel writer it’s wonderful to have tons of new material to work with – and new inspiration to give to others.

I left my current home in Madrid back in July, as the Spanish heat was at its highest – a pleasant escape so to speak. I was generally lucky with the weather in the UK, and I was even luckier to get back to Denmark to catch some surprisingly warm late-summer days. But now the seasons are changing – winter is coming.

For a travel writer the seasons affect the work a lot. Sunny destinations are put in the drawer and out come the Christmas-related articles. I’m currently working on a few of those myself. And I have interesting material if someone should be in need of this? The thing with Christmas articles is that you kind of need to have the material from the year before. Because the media will probably want to use it before this year’s Christmas markets and events even open.

Therefore I will also be looking for new Christmassy experiences during the next couple of months – to use for my blog this season, and to have in store for next years articles in print. So feel free to contact me if you know about something exciting around Europe, that you think would interest my blog followers or Danish travel enthusiasts.